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The Joint Royal Colleges are delighted to announce that the new logbook client launches on 27th March 2023.

The original logbook client was developed by Dr Andrew Lamb in 2003, on behalf of the then faculty of medical informatics of the RCSEd.  Web technology has evolved hugely over the last 20 years and this new client allows us to take advantage of those changes.  The technology behind the new client means that the logbook will now display in a useable format on a smartphone.  In addition, it has made it possible for us to make the website more user friendly and easier to navigate.

The old client will be accessible via a link from the new client for a few weeks after go live.

What's new?

There are no major new functions, but we believe that we have made a number of the current functions easier to find and to work with.

  • Filtering of logbooks has been radically overhauled to make filtering of your logbook much easier.
  • All users Trainees, Trainers and directors now access the site through one login, what they see being determined by their login.
  • All functions are now accessible from one menu down the left of the screen.
  • Search any column – if you browse your logbook this feature allows you to find just about anything on the page easily.
  • All logbook reports are now accessible from one page.
  • We have introduced hover over help in a number of places where you see circular blue button with the letter i in them.
  • Validation of logbooks has been radically overhauled making it both much easier for you to request validation, and for trainers to validate your logbook, taking a copy of the procedure for their own logbooks, should they wish.
  • Programme director administration has been greatly simplified making it much easier to keep your user list accurate. This screen also benefits from the search any column function. In addition StR’s and CT’s who enter their NTN/DRN are now automatically confirmed as such. This significantly improves the accuracy of national averages and the programme averages.

What do I need to do?

There are two things that you will need to do in preparation for go-live.

  • Because of the radical overhaul of filtering, your old filters will not work, so take a note of them so that you can re-build them, as required in the new client.
  • If you have used any 'audit' questionnaires in the old logbook, these will not work in the new client. So download your data and learn how to re-create the questionnaire in the new system – see videos below
  • You will be asked to confirm your details on 1st login.  If you are and StR or CT you will be asked for your NTN/DRN

Can I see it?

This video will give you an overview of the new logbook:


Filtering is described in this video:


The updated audit questionnaire functions are described in these videos:




For Directors

This video gives Programme directors an overview of the functions they will see:


The reports available to directors are unchanged and information on them can be found at:


Try it out for yourself

The new client can be accessed though our preview website here:


Please note

*** No data you enter in the preview site will appear on the live site! ***

*** The preview system uses a 3y old copy of the database so no changes made in the last 3y such as passwords and director status will be recognised. ***

*** You will also see evidence of extensive use for testing ***

You will only be able to access the site if you have not changed your password in the last 3y. If you have, you will have to wait till go-live to see the website.

Any Questions?

Contact the helpdesk at helpdesk@elogbook.org.

Or join one of our live Q&A sessions on Teams

Friday 17th March at 12:30pm


Tuesday 21st March at 12:30pm


Reporting an issue

Upon launch of the new client and for a few weeks thereafter, you will see 2 tabs on the edge of the screen as shown below:

  • A blue one at the top right labelled ‘Feedback’
  • A red one at the bottom right labelled ‘Report Issue’

Reporting an Issue

If something does not work as described in the videos or causes any other malfunction, use the red tab to report it.

If you think something could be improved, but basically works as described then please use the blue tab. Comments here will be addressed later.

Using the Report Issue tab

After clicking the tab:

  • A dialogue box will pop-up with
    • an area for describing the issue
    • a button with a camera icon that allows you to screen record the issue if necessary
    • a button to submit your comment
  • The screen area will be surrounded by a red border with several icons at the top left. These icons (as shown below) allow you to:
    • Highlight an area of screen in a rectangle with a coloured border
    • Add a colour coded and numbered comment
    • Draw on an area of the screen in selected colour
    • Add an arrow to the screen
    • Block out an area of screen with a solid-coloured rectangle

Using the Report Issue tab

If you wish to screen record your issue:

  • Click the camera icon
    • If there are any drawings on screen you will get a warning that these will be erased
  • The dialogue box will disappear and be replaced by a small rectangle with a red record button in it.
  • To start the recording:
    • Click the red record button
    • Choose the area you wish to record (entire screen, window or tab)
    • Perform the actions you wish to record
    • Click the red stop icon to finish

If, you realise that what you are reporting is not an issue – click the red Cross at the top right of the re border on the screen.

Using the blue feedback tab

This is for feeding back comments on things we could improve, but currently work as specified

  • Add text to the dialogue as required
  • If you wish to add a screenshot, click the blue camera icon. This will show the screen in a blue border and offer tools as described above under the report issue tab