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SL - SAC Indicative Report Structure (Guidance and Video)

The SAC indicative report is a hierarchical report consisting of: Super Groups (by default these are not active) which consist of; Master Groups which consist of; Groupings.  (Super Groups can be activated by contacting the eLogbook helpdesk.)

In the picture below, of the T&O SAC indicative report, the Master Groups are outlined with red boxes.  All the other text, e.g. All T&O procedures or Carpal Tunnel Decompression [30], are Groupings. 


The Totals are created automatically for each Master Group by summing the totals of each grouping.  If a procedure is included in more than one Grouping this will result in double counting and an inaccurate total.  The illustration below shows what can happen.  The groupings All Trauma and All Elective are included, along with many other groupings, in the Master Group called Other Groups.  This has led to a total of roughly double what it should be.

This video shows Specialty Leads how to edit these groupings, there are two further pages with more details on how to Edit Groupings and their contents.

 Edit Groupings - further Guidelines

Edit Group Contents - further Guidelines