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SL - Editing Groupings

Click on the SAC/ISCP Groupings menu option on the left of the screen as shown below:

In the right two thirds of the screen you will see a list (most likely a very long list) of current groupings and their order in the overall report. For the full listing of SAC Groupings.

From the above screen you can do five things:

Add a new group:

Similar to managing the Master Groups, in the text box at the bottom of the list of groups, titled Group Name, enter the new group name and click ADD.  The new group name now appears at the bottom of the list.  You then have to click edit and complete the screen there before any numbers will appear for that group

Copy a group:

This can be a quick way of creating a similar group rather than starting from scratch.  Click the hyperlinked word copy in the row of the group you wish to duplicate

Delete a group:

Click the hyperlinked word delete in the row of the group you wish to delete.Re-order the groups.  Changing the numbers in the second column and then clicking Update Order at the bottom will change the order.  Take care to avoid duplicating numbers in this column as this mistake is not prevented and can cause errors in where things appear in the list.  Please note Master Group order takes precedence over group order

Edit an existing or newly created groups contents  

For detailed instructions click here