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Trainer Access and How They Can Validate Operations

You are required to produce a validated logbook both your ARCP and for your CCT application. There are 2 ways that you can validate your logbook. One is by printing out a consolidation report and asking your can consultant trainer to sign it, the other way is to have your logbook validated electronically.

In order to have your logbook validated electronically you have to grant your trainer access to your logbook. This granting of permission only needs to be done once, but thereafter you need to make sure that your trainer continues to validate procedures done by you.

There are 2 ways of granting your trainer access to your logbook.

1. With Your Trainer

1. If you are with your trainer, ask them to access the logbook under their own login and follow the links to validate operations done by you. The first time that they do this they will see a screen similar to the screenshot below.


If you’re with them, type your own logbook password into the box highlighted by the red arrow in the screenshot above.

2. Not With Your Trainer

If your trainer is trying for the first time to validate procedures done by you, and you are not with them when they do this, they can ask you to create a password that will grant them access to your logbook which they can then type into the box highlighted with the green arrow in the above screenshot. This password should not be the same as your own logbook password.

How to Create a Password to Grant Your Trainer Access to Your Logbook: in order to do this, click the link: Security across the top of the screen and then select the link: Trainer Access from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. (See screenshot below)

Find your trainer by starting to type their name into the text box: select user to add…

Create a password for your trainer by typing it into box 1 as in on the screenshot below and then send a message to them with the password. Alternatively if your trainer happens to have turned up and is now with you they can type their own logbook password into box 2.!