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Trainer - Trainer Report (Guidance and Video)

This report shown at bottom of page is accessed as follows:

Click the link Trainer report in the grey menu bar across the top of the screen to display:

  • A list of all consultant trainers registered on the programme displays.  Select the check box to the right of the name for those trainers you wish to generate reports for
  • At the bottom of the list select dates for the report
  • Click the build report button
  • The next screen displays the dates previous reports were created and shows the progress towards building the report you have requested
  • Once your report has reached 100% it can be opened as a pdf file (Adobe Acrobat) or a csv file (Microsoft Excel)

For the report to have any/valid data the trainer MUST HAVE had trainees with a VERIFIED TRAINEE ROLE working with them and those trainees must have COMPLETED THEIR TRAINING HISTORTY so the system can calculate their Year in training.  If the report has missing data or low numbers then this will be because trainees h have not been verified in the system or a have missing trainee history


The report displays:

  • for each of that trainers top 20 operations
  • with the trainees listed at the top
  • a table of numbers of cases  (and percentages) by trainee seniority and level of supervision with national comparative data
  • Where a row has more than 5 cases the  percentage supervision is flagged as follows in relation to the national average:
    Green - Trainer Supervision rate is above national average
    Yellow - Trainers supervision rate is below the national average, but the national average is within the 95% CI of trainers rate
    Red - Trainers supervision rate is below the national average, and the national average above the the 95% CI of trainers rate