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Why should I and how do I validate operations in eLogbook?

Why bother? There are 2 reasons why I would suggest you take the trouble to validate operations recorded by your trainees in their logbook. Firstly, trainees are required to produce a validated logbook for purposes of their ARCP. Secondly, if this is done electronically consultant trainers can build their own logbooks “on-the-fly” as part of that process. This will be useful to them in supporting their own revalidation and gaining recognition as a trainer.

How do I start? Simply click on the link at the top of the screen as shown below.


You will now be presented with a box listing all the trainees who have currently got operations or awaiting validation by you.

By default this displays the 10 trainees who have most recently entered operation for you to validate. In general this will be all you need to see, and to validate the trainees operations click on the VALIDATE BUTTON next to their name.

To find others you can scroll through the longer list using the buttons at the foot of the box (see above)

Alternatively you can filter the list by clicking the button on the top left of the box (see above)

Pressing the FILTER BUTTON displays the following screens (see below):

• Choose a column to filter on in the top dropdown box
• Choose a logical comparison in the second box
• Choose a value for the comparison in the third box

 Once you have identified your trainee click on the link: validate operations to the right of their name .

If this is the first time that you have validated operations for this trainee, you will see the following screen after clicking the link: validate operations.

If your trainee is with you they can immediately grant you access to their logbook, to allow you to validate their operations, by typing their own logbook password into the box highlighted with the red arrow above. This is in general the easiest way. Then click the button Grant Access.

If your trainee is not with you, you need to ask them to create a password that will grant you access (they should know how to do this, but instructions on how to do so are available within the system for them). Once they have given you this password you should type that into the box highlighted by the green arrow above. The click the button Gain Access.

You can ask your trainee to create this password by using the Link: send this user a logbook message.

Once you have access, you will see a screen similar to the one below.


There are 2 ways to proceed with validation of operations from here.

• To validate procedures one at a time, you can click the button: EDIT to the right of each individual operation (see above)
• To validate multiple procedures, you can click the link: Bulk Copy & Validate towards the bottom left of the screen (see above)

Bulk Copy & Validate:

if you click on this link you will see a screen of which the following screenshot is part.

Each individual operation is listed (25 per screen), together with your involvement (which you may change if it is wrong) and to the right of each line are 2 checkboxes: 1 to validate the procedure and 1 to create a copy of the procedure for your own logbook.

• Satisfy yourself that the data entered by the trainee is correct.
• Correct your own involvement as required using the drop-down box.
• If all the records are correct you can quickly check all of the validate checkboxes by clicking the button 1 in the above screenshot
• if there are errors, uncheck the validate and copy boxes, and proceed to validating that particular procedure individually
• If you wish to copy them into your own logbook, then click button 2 as shown in the above screenshot.
• Once the validate/copy checkboxes are completed correctly, click button 3 as shown in the above screenshot.
• If there are more than 25 procedures to validate repeat the above on the next screen.
• Otherwise click the button: Close & Return to Logbook.

Validating Individual Procedures:

there are several reasons why you might wish to validate procedures on individual basis.

• You cannot remember the procedure simply from the date and procedure done. Validating a procedure individually gives you more detail on the case to help your recollection.
• You think that the way that the procedure has been entered is incorrect.
• You had more than one trainee present with you at the procedure.

To validate a procedure individually click on the link validate to the right of the procedure as shown on the screen below.

The following screen will then open up.


You will note that you can see in addition to the date of the operation, the patient ID number and patient age, which if it does not jog your memory, will allow you to check other records to confirm the details.

You have the following options available:

• Change your involvement - see above
• Mark as valid and copy - see above
• Simply Mark as valid if you do not wish to copy it into your logbook. - see above
• Send the trainee a message as shown below:


There will be occasions where there has been more than one trainee present when you have done a procedure, and both have entered it into their logbook. If you’re validating procedures individually, then the following screen will show. It lists other procedures done under your name on the same day :


Check for any matching records and if one matches click: Mark as valid and match otherwise click Mark as Valid & Copy as described above